Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pluto Nash - DVD podBLAST

Somewhere, there is a movie producer that has got a huge collection of photos with big stars in compromising positions. How else can you explain why so many fine actors, comic and otherwise, would sign up for this film? It's the ulitmate ransom film.
And in case you're thinking, "This film is too much of a suckfest, even with your brilliant and hilarious commentary, Adudathuda, I won't be able to get through it", well, two words: Rosario Dawson.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Glitter - DVD podBLAST

MARIAH CAREY! ... So did your eyes just light up, or did you fight off a gag reflex? If you said the latter, then welcome, friend. Face your fear by renting "Glitter" and downloading this podBLAST. Listen for the secret word, then contact us and let us know what it is. You will earn MAD street cred, and we'll add your name to the website under the heading, "THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE".

XXX: State of the Union - DVD podBLAST

Why do the producers of "XXX: State of the Union" hate Vin Diesel so much? Could it be that he knows to stay away from bad scripts? One can only guess. One thing's for sure: sequels suck 99.9% of the time. And that's the TROOF.

Batman & Robin - DVD podBLAST

Take two Academy Award winners (George Clooney, writer Akiva Goldsman), two future Governors (Arnold-CA, Jesse The Body-MN), and a Razzie award winner (Alicia Silverstone). Sprinkle in a few Bat-Nips and smother in "ice" puns. Finally, pour this mixture into a cliche generator and project onto a screen. What will you get? Who knows, but it will probably be better than this piece of crap.
Oh, one more thing... "GLORP".

Godzilla - DVD podBLAST

It was supposed to be huge. The "Independence Day" folks packed it full of "That Guy!" stars, blew the budget on CG effects, and released it in one million theaters. (No really, we looked it up.) Instead what we got was just another crappy re-make with no plot. "Jurassic Park 2 1/2", if you will. (Smart ass remark courtesy of PB4)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Congo - DVD podBLAST

From the unbelievable plot to the even more unbelievable talking gorilla, this movie misfires on many, many levels. Laura Linney can't even save it! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD!?!?