Saturday, April 22, 2006

Glitter - DVD podBLAST

MARIAH CAREY! ... So did your eyes just light up, or did you fight off a gag reflex? If you said the latter, then welcome, friend. Face your fear by renting "Glitter" and downloading this podBLAST. Listen for the secret word, then contact us and let us know what it is. You will earn MAD street cred, and we'll add your name to the website under the heading, "THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE".


Blogger directorscut said...


I think it was Steve who mentioned it...

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Da Mangler said...

I dare you to watch this one! Even Viatnamese prison camps think this one is cruel and unusual.

Glitter sucked.

Da Mangler

4:18 PM  
Anonymous MaxTheSilent said...

I don't have the nerve.

3:28 AM  

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