Saturday, April 22, 2006

Godzilla - DVD podBLAST

It was supposed to be huge. The "Independence Day" folks packed it full of "That Guy!" stars, blew the budget on CG effects, and released it in one million theaters. (No really, we looked it up.) Instead what we got was just another crappy re-make with no plot. "Jurassic Park 2 1/2", if you will. (Smart ass remark courtesy of PB4)


Anonymous Da Mangler said...

If you listened to this one, you'll notice that I was touring the USA and didn't get to participate. I have a few comments for this coiler.

(coiler - Noun -You know when you go to an ice cream parlor and they use the machine to pour out the soft serve ice cream into your cone or bowl? Remember how it coils. It's just like that...except it comes from your butt.)

I wish Broderick would have died. Sarah Jessica Parker should have played the lead, she is more of a man than he is.

Could we please have an ending that wasn't used in every B movie throughout history? I think a better ending would be if Joe Piscapo found all those eggs, put on his karate uniform and killed them all. Amp the gore, Amp the boobies!

Godzilla Sucked.

Da Mangler

4:07 PM  

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